From the Kitchens of DeColores Mexican Restaurant:
It is no coincidence that great food is a passion of ours. Our family has a secret recipe book spanning generations, a book full of secrets that we are finally ready to share with our friends and neighbors.
The recipes we have been enjoying since we were children are now showcased with pride.

Por Ejemplo, if you're tasting our mole poblano, a savory chocolate based sauce made with 20 different ingredients, you're really tasting my Tia Alicia's closely guarded recipe. The rich cucumber salsa enjoyed with your Pozole, or freshly made tortilla chips, is my mother's recipe and a local favorite. Our Coctel de Camaron, or shrimp cocktail, is a special one, reluctantly shared by my suegra (mother -in-law) and originates from her native Tecoman, the Mexican coastal village of Colima, where she charmed the recipe from a local fishmonger as a young child.

So come on in, show us your colors Pilsen, and we'll show you ours!
Buen Provecho!

-Sergio, Priscilla, & Soleil Reyes
DeColores Mexican Restaurant